January is the month when we contemplate what we want to accomplish in the year to come. The Women’s Prize team is no different, and being surrounded by truly amazing works of fiction means but one thing: our resolutions are all about reading!

Whether you are planning to read the entire Women’s Prize 2022 longlist, read more poetry or finally finish War and Peace, we are here with you every step of the way. And if you’re in need of some reading resolution inspiration, here are ours:

  • ‘I’d like to read more fiction set in other worlds in 2022 – both faraway lands and historical time periods – to transport me away from the here and now.’ – Claire Shanahan
  • ‘My resolution is to read backlist fiction more broadly – some of the great stuff that I have missed – rather than always reading the latest fiction, and to use my time in the car to listen to more books and memoirs when I can get control of the audio from my kids!’ – Harriet Hastings
  • ‘My reading resolution is to read more new authors than authors whose work I already know. New can mean authors either new to me or newly published.’ – Sarah Davies
  • ‘My resolution is to broaden my reading and try new fiction. And I am really excited to explore a number of the writers selected for the Women’s Prize x Good Housekeeping Futures list! I am also intent on reading one classic a month (books I feel I should have read and am embarrassed to say I haven’t!). I am starting in Jan with I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings by Maya Angelou!’ – Christian Lewis
  • ‘Being new to the team, my reading resolution is to visit previous years’ longlisted books and discover some new favourites. Starting with 2020…’ – Lynsey Passmore
  • ‘My reading resolution is to listen to more audiobooks – I went into lockdown in 2020 accompanied by Tom Hanks reading The Dutch House by Ann Patchett and since then I have been converted. My reading of Patricia Lockwood and of Claire Fuller was first by audio, and these stories amongst others have swept me through days dog-walking while working from home. I will be continuing to stroll out listening to great stories well into 2022′ – Alison Barrow
  • ‘My reading resolution for 2022 is to continue reading a book a week, whilst looking to have half of those be from authors I have not previously read. And, of course, to continue to have fun reading!’ – Aliceson Robinson
  • ‘I’d like to keep a journal record of every book I read in 2022, jotting down a notable line or passage from each to give me a shortcut back to that book’s world years down the line.’ – Lilidh Kendrick
  • ‘In 2022 I intend to make amends for all the travel missed and adventures lost due to Covid by extending my literary horizons to more writers I don’t know from Africa, South America and all the places I’ve been missing visiting.’ – Louise Jury

If one of your reading resolutions is to read the entire Women’s Prize 2022 longlist, then you haven’t long to wait. The longlist will be announced on the 8th March.