Anne Michaels is a novelist and poet. Her books are translated into more than fifty languages and have won dozens of international awards, including the Orange Prize, the Guardian Fiction Prize, and the Lannan Award for Fiction. Among many other honours she is a Guggenheim Fellow, has received honorary degrees, and has served as Toronto’s Poet Laureate. Her novel Fugitive Pieces was adapted as a feature film. Her most recent books include All We Saw, Infinite Gradation and Railtracks (co-written with John Berger). In 2020, her novel Fugitive Pieces was chosen as one of the BBC’s 100 Novels that Shaped the World.

Fugitive Pieces by Anne Michaels

Fugitive Pieces

by Anne Michaels

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The territory of my books – the heart of my writing life – has been the exploration of ‘what love makes us capable of, and incapable of,’ as well as an idea I put forward in Fugitive Pieces: ‘there is nothing a man will not do to another, nothing a man will not do for another.’

Anne Michaels